Clavado Macizo Natural

Clavado Macizo Natural

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Natural is undyed leather and will very in color tone. Color tone cannot be controlled due to leather been undyed and in it's natural color. Color tone may also very with sun exposure and time.

Initially footwear should fit very snugly (even a bit tight), as footwear will stretch and mold to perfectly fit your foot after a few wears.

HALF SIZE TIP: If you are a half size (ex: 9.5 US) we recommend you size up (ex: 10 US)

  • All of our products come in MEX size.
  • Printed size is MEX size not US size.
  • Size printed is abbreviated. Ex: 28 will be printed as 8.
  • Color tone may very slightly.
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  • Recommended for W size.

Our handmade product is 100 % leather. All of our products are made in MEXICO.